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Prices for the year of 2023

Prices include the free consulting and punctual price calculation on spot as well as the help in material choosing.

Preparation work prices

Floor covering, masking around windows and doors: 450HUF/m2

Impregnation: 250HUF/m2

Removing of wall cracks, damaged areas: 1000HUF/m2

Removing of wallpaper: 800HUF/m2

Plasterworks 1 coat with grinding: 900HUF/m2

Plasterworks 2 coats with grinding: 1800HUF/m2

Filling of drywall: 1300HUF/m2

Drywall finishing in Q2, Q3 quality: 1300HUF/m2

Edge protection: 650HUF/m2

Crown Molding Interior: 800HUF/m2

Filling of wall cracks and demaged areas after electrician (untill 5 cm): 650HUF/m2

Wall paiting prices

Wall paiting 2 coats in white color with fillings of wall cracks: 1450HUF/m2

Wall paiting 2 coats ,colorful with fillings of wall cracks: 1650HUF/m2

Separation of colors on wall: 300HUF/m2

Wall paiting with airless (sparying) technology from: 1150HUF/m2

Wall paiting with geometric patterns from: 1900HUF/m2

Outside wall paiting works such as facades from: 2100HUF/m2

Wallpapering prices

Preparations before wallpapering: 800HUF/m2

Basic and light weight wallpaper hanging: 2400HUF/m2

Medium weight, Vlies wallpaper hanging: 2800HUF/m2

Special, Vinyl wallpaper hanging: 3500HUF/m2

Photo wallpaper: 5500HUF/m2

Wood and metal painting works

New doors, windows, cabinet painting with grinding: 4500HUF/m2

Used doors, windows, cabinet painting with grinding: 7000HUF/m2

Metal paiting works such as radiators: 4000HUF/m2

Metal paiting works on pipes: 700HUF/m

Outside painting job for fences, etc (up to height of 3m): 3500HUF/m2